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Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Anjli Babber and I am a hypnotist located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Currently, I am conducting in-person sessions and will be adding online sessions from the beginning of February 2020.


This is the right place for information on introspective hypnosis to determine if this deep healing modality is for you. Therefore, I invite you to browse through the site for a better understanding of what hypnosis is about, why it works and how this form of therapy can be helpful for you.

What Does Hypnosis Mean?

The word 'hypnosis' comes from the Greek word 'hypnos' meaning sleep, however that is a common misinterpretation. The hypnotic state is an altered state of consciousness, in which a person is aware, but in a deep trance. Hypnotism is the action by which a meditative trance state is induced on demand, by relaxing the mind and body. The type of relaxation required to go into a deep trance is the same as the one we experience every day as we drop off to sleep. If you can fall asleep then you can be hypnotized. What I practice is spiritual hypnosis and it is not to be confused with stage hypnosis that used purely for entertainment. 


How Can Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis helps people access their deep subconscious patterns of habitual behaviour and memory, changing or releasing them in way that is of the highest benefit to the person spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. The American Medical Association, British Medical Association, American Psychological Association, British Psychological Society and other institutions around the world recognise this and have legitimised hypnosis as an effective wellness therapy. 


What is Trance?

It is a natural state of the mind, occurring when the mind relaxes it's left brain activities of analyzing, making judgments, comparing, being in the state of fight or flight and thinking about 'to do' lists. When you relax and unwind, your brainwaves start to slow down as you naturally go into a trance state.  Some examples of relaxed consciousness are when you watch television, lose yourself in the story of a good book, play a game, surf the web, drive on a much frequented route, day-dreaming or deep breathing.


Any calming endeavor engages more of the right creative hemisphere of the brain, while the factual and organizational left brain takes a little rest. As the brainwaves sequentially slow down from beta to alpha to theta, your heart rate slows down too, making more energy available for internal healing as you start going into a meditative state. Being in a trance state allows healing of the mind and body while widening your inner field of perception.


Can I be Hypnotised?

Sure you can! Every time you go to sleep, your brain begins to progressively unwind going through the trance stages of alpha and theta, and eventually slowing into the deep and dreamless sleep of delta brainwaves. In hypnosis, a person stays at the theta level as it opens the physical body to the divine spiritual aspect of themselves. Therefore, if you can sleep, you can be hypnotized. Your only requirements are allowing yourself to relaxing your mind and body, trusting yourself and becoming open to experiencing whatever your subconscious may bring up for understanding and clearing, without the expected outcomes of the ego.


Why Spiritual?

The non-physical part that resides in all beings is called 'spirit'. It is considered to be a part of the powerful energy that made all life and all existence. Some names we call this energy are Source, God, a Higher Power and the Creator. Source does not belong to any religion yet it is paramount in all. Our energetic connection to Source increases internal intuitive abilities, as we relax and quieten our minds. Meditation is a one great way of accessing this guidance and another is hypnosis, both strengthen the connection.

During hypnosis I will take you into deep levels of relaxation to access the wisdom of your higher-self, an absolute loving version of you. Under my guidance, your spiritual consciousness will be able to visit other timelines should that be where your issue is rooted. The past is not set as there are infinite versions of every possibility. Changing past experiences through understanding and forgiveness, creates a ripple effect into your present and future.

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