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"Thank you for your time and interest in visiting my website. I have meticulously verified all written content true from my experience and knowledge, in an understandable way, yet interesting for anyone with varying degrees of awareness.


My Intention

My intention as a therapeutic hypnotist is to utilize hypnosis to help you relax into a profound trance state, so deep-set memories in your subconscious relevant to your issues(s) can emerge. From there I will expertly guide your session connecting with your spiritual energy for your healing.

In my hypnosis practise, I take great care in my work by giving every client a customized and spiritual approach, in the private and safe setting of my office. I lovingly hold a space optimal for the process of healing, and after every client I energetically clear any residual energies from the session, including from myself.

Consistent upgrading of my abilities through mastering of several techniques and deep meditation helps me to help my clients get the best form of hypnotherapy I can provide. Making a positive shift(s) in a client's emotional mental health brings a great deal of joy to my soul, knowing that my purpose to be of service to humanity is being achieved, one person at a time.  

My Vision

From the moment a client enters my office, I do all I can to the best of my ability for my brother/sister soul as we are all born of Source.

Guidance in clearing lower vibrational memories and emotions. Replacing with lighter joyous love and security into their energy field.

It is my vision to help every person better understand how their beliefs, thoughts and actions in this life and from other lives have been affecting them.   

My aim is to increase people's awareness of their thoughts, consequential feelings  and their effects, giving them tools so they can build themselves a happier present future.   


My Background

Looking back, I  had always had an interest in watching people's reactions, their behavior, the impact of their words and actions on others and themselves. Being the youngest child in a large family of seven children, different personalities, conflicts and egos of my much older brothers and sisters gave me the perfect exploratory environment I chose to be born in. Very early on I consciously remember at the age of four, being abundantly aware of connection between facial expressions and the tone of speech to emotions and feelings. I was called 'too sensitive' or ignored if I cried or complained about unfairness. I wanted to see people happy and make whatever was making them sad or angry go away.


It made me happy to sit and pray daily with my parents in their morning and evening rituals and going to the temple with them. Like a vague memory, every so often, I remembered a place where all was love and the contrast of seeing or hearing and feeling unhappiness whether directed at me or between others made me physically sick at times, because I was absorbing feelings of fear based ego reactions in the alpha brainwave state of a child. My formative years were subconsciously being programmed in some behaviours that conflicted with my loving spirit.


During my teens, like most teenagers l experienced the confusion of learnt behaviours and new emerging thoughts as I strove to 'find myself' and know who I was as an individual. A strong spirit connection to Source helped me distinguish and evolve qualities that were more in tune with my soul frequency. The result was an improvement of health as I began to bloom.

"Responsiveness is mastery over the subconscious,

Reactiveness is subconscious control"

Time sped by as I married and raised a wonderful family. It was not until my late 20s and early 30s that I was able to renew my interest in the fascinating workings of the mind. How a simple comment could ignite fury was confounding. What was really going on in the person's mind? Since every thought begins in the mind, I knew any kind of emotional healing would start there, and reverberate into the body, but at that time I had no idea how to do it. I read books on spirituality and came across one on superconsciousness that explained the power of the mind to heal in meditative trance states, by working on the vault of feelings and emotions of memories and programmed beliefs held in the subconscious. However, in this fast-paced world not many people had the dedicated time or desire for meditation.


Next, in my journey I was recommend a book called, 'Autobiography of a Yogi,'  and it still is my most valued read of ancient vedic knowledge written by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda. All is explained scientifically about souls and afterlife, and much more. Interestingly, this was the one book Steve Jobs had downloaded on his Ipad and read every year. Each time I read it I always learn something new.

When a beautiful soul gifted me a book called, 'Many Masters, Many Lives' by Dr. Brian Weiss, it springboarded me into the world of therapeutic hypnosis. Needless to say, I was hooked, I had finally found a method to help people access their subconscious and higher-self to heal from their past hurts and fears. This book verified past lives, brought together the teachings of Shri Yogananda and my upbringing in the principles of Santam Dharam (popularly called Hinduism), my beliefs in karma and other lives (reincarnation). It all fitted so well - I had found my passion. 


'Healer, Heal Thyself'

Clearing externally and from within is very important for an energy healer, therefore, I have cleared and healed emotional dramas from my life in order to be a stronger vessel of divine grace. From my multiple hypnosis sessions, I learned I had many lifetimes as a strong healer and researcher of the mind, and I felt those lifetimes encouraging me forward onto this path again. When I was ready, the right people showed up in my life, and I began training in hypnosis therapy.

Today I am a successful Introspective Hypnotist, adding Quantum Healing and Mindscaping to my tools. It gives me great pleasure to be a strong vessel of divine love, helping bring comfort to anyone who trusts and seeks emotional healing on their life journey. I am thankful for experiences of my formative years, they gave me the educational and an inspiration needed to cultivate the desire to help people to help themselves. 

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