The Brainwave States

Neurons are brain cells that communicate with each other through electrical signals,  producing electrical patterns called brainwaves.

During the day the brain naturally changes brainwave states from beta to light alpha, as the mind filters out relevant bits of data it wants to keep, guided by programs in the subconscious. Below are the typical brainwaves experienced in a twenty four hour period.


Full waking consciousness is represented by beta brainwaves. The mental action of working on facts, figures, organizing the structure and events of the day are all left brain beta activities. However, this highly focused state needs downtime to be efficient and, sometimes people may find themselves automatically taking a break by going for a coffee, visiting the washroom, browsing the internet, day-dreaming or just socially chatting, all of which invoke a light alpha state as the brain sorts through data and refreshes itself. In high-paced work environments where this is not possible, many people feel 'burned out' and, mentally fatigued from the constant state of alertness (fight or flight mode) that causes stress and anxiety. Progressive companies have now started to incorporate meditation and down time rooms for employees, recognizing the value of a rested mind and profit.

The ego (evolved in the formative years and beyond) is at its height when we are fully awake going about our day, protecting us from being emotionally hurt in the best way it knows how. That could be sarcasm, criticizing, anger, rage, withdrawing into self, crying, feeling victimized, worrying, being unhappy and so on. Putting energy into these feelings, takes energy away from being creative and balanced. This is why hypnosis is utilized to bypass the critical factor of the mind, so the root of the issue is accessible for healing.

Beta Brainwave


Alpha Brainwave

This is the first level of trance state called the 'gateway to the subconscious,' and the drowsy stage onset to sleeping in which the brainwave frequency is slower than the beta. Initiated when the mind is in a relaxed concentration, such as when engaged in any pleasurable activities like playing games, social calling, singing, chanting, texting, reading, driving, imagining, visualizing, daydreaming, being creative, being quiet and observing as in meditation. Saying affirmations in a deeper alpha state effectively downloads them into the subconscious.

Enjoying an activity while learning is a great way of retaining information in the subconscious, that is why companies advertise during television show intervals, billboards along roads, print and digital media. Children under the age of six have naturally relaxed minds of the alpha state, allowing them to absorb instructions, information and learn from everyone and everything in their environment, simultaneously developing abilities to co-exist. Historically, the first educational institutions were religious and knew the power of moulding minds, instilling beliefs from a very early age.


Theta Brainwave

Theta brainwaves are a natural transition after alpha as you keep relaxing your mind and body, either when falling asleep, first moments of waking up, in meditation or hypnosis. Babies and toddlers brainwaves are naturally theta. There are two levels: theta and profound somnambulism (deep theta). In the state of altered consciousness (alpha and theta),  there is awareness of your surroundings and who you are, but as you journey inwards continues (profound somnambulism) they become unimportant. The subconscious mind can creatively communicate with you uninterrupted by the ego and, grant access to pivotal moments of the present, all timelines and possibilities of other lives. There is rapid eye movement (REM) as experiences unfold as scenes in a dream. As a hypnotist, I would explore the connection to why and where the subconscious guides you in relevance to your issue(s), and you will be able to communicate in your altered state of consciousness.

During profound somnambulism, energy moves very fast around the body, inside and outside. The auric field becomes magnified, as more cosmic energy flows in, allowing contact with the higher-self. During this time I am able to converse and ask questions to the higher-self and initiate physical healing  wherever it is needed. Working with the subtle energies is the spiritual part of my practice.

Delta Brainwave

The mind continues on its journey to slow down until physical senses withdraw and the outside world falls away, as you drift into a deep and dreamless sleep of the delta state. This is the deepest level of meditation where there is absolute unawareness. More energy is available for biological unconscious and automatic processes, cleansing and repairing of organs, muscles and other cells of the brain and body during this restorative sleep.

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