Balancing the Spiritual with the Physical

Our 'being' houses two distinct frequencies: the heavy dense vibration of the physical body and mind, and the light high vibrational frequency of the divine soul and its subtle bodies directly connected to Source, the creative parental energy. The chakras (energy wheels), aura and nadis (energy channels) are the subtle bodies that are only visible to those who have increased their frequency through different practises of meditation, introspection and mindfulness, or have advanced themselves in past spiritual lives and are hence born with this special ability. Thought energy vibrates through and affects them.


The Seven Main Chakras

This diagram shows the position and the usual depicted colours of the chakras, however, these change from soul to soul moreover, the mental state of the person also causes the hue and tone to fluctuate. It is advisable not to be too attached to the colours when meditating, rather focus and feel the area of the body the chakra is in, and you will see your own colour.

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Muladhara Root  Original artwork hypnosis
Svadisthana Swadishthana Sacral Original artwork hypnosis
Manipur Solar Plexus Original artwork hypnosis
Anhata Heart Original artwork hypnosis
Vishuddi Throat Original artwork hypnosis
Original artwork hypnosis Ajna Third Eye
Original artwork Crown Sahasrara  hypnosis

Chakras are energy focal centres connected to the large subtle sushumna nadi, an energetic tunnel centred in the spinal cord, from the base of the spine to the head. Chakra in sanskrit means circle or wheel and is used to describe the spinning triangular concentrations of subtle energy, individually symbolized by colour frequency and, the number of lotus petals at the perimeters. The spinning triangles create a concentrated electromagnetic field around themselves, expanding out past the physical body as a glowing  layer of the aura of each chakra.

Like valves they control the energy flow through them keeping the body balanced, however repetitive disharmonic thoughts and emotions not based in joy, affect their conscious energies to dampen, restrict or misalign the flow. Therefore, varied mental processes, emotions, connection to spirit and the world makes everyone's chakras unique and consequently their auric field.


Chakra Beej Mantra Sounds

Although there are many chakras of different sizes in the body, focus is given to the seven main ones along the etheric body spine, and are named to reflect the position they correspond to and the function of the organs they affect in the physical body. There are some outside the physical body: two 'earth' and three celestial chakras. Each chakra has its own associated sound called a beej mantra, frequency and foundation colour, although the frequency and colour tonal range are dependant on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of the person.

The first three chakras, like the first three auras more closely woven to the gross physical body, and the heart chakra is affected by both the physical and divine, whereas  the top three have a stronger connection with the higher spiritual realms, although there is an interconnected energetic exchange at all times, an example: the heart chakra can be influenced by ungroundedness of the root chakra causing emotions of not wanting to continue in life, and vice-versa. The muladhara chakra's energy projects downwards while the sahasrara chakra's is upwards into the cosmos, and the other five have front and rear projections extending out from the subtle sushumna channel.

Cosmic energy constantly filters down into the Sahasrara chakra all the way through to the muladhara and, into the earth. Conversely, earth energy moves up into the muladhara and out from the sahasrara. This looping of energy feeds the bioelectrical energy of the physical and spiritual bodies. Our thoughts and feelings affect the amount of energy we have. We can feel weary when upset or be happy doing an activity we like.

Muladhara/ Root

The Muladhara chakra is associated with the Earth element, it is an ideally bright red energy sitting at the end of the tailbone, the perineum, where the kundalini shakti resides when dormant. In a grounding meditation, we imagine a red root extending down from this chakra into Gaia's crystalline heart or her magnetic resonance. 

When grounding into the earth, negatively charged ions flow up into our body making it healthier, combatating  oxidation from positive ions emitted by electrical appliances. Walking in nature, standing on a tree root or simply sitting on natural things balances one's energy. While an 'unrooted' person can feel alone, insecure, fearful, nervous, sense of not belonging to society/ family, set apart, mentally scattered

Root Chakra

Densest of the chakras rooting the physical body down to the heavy earth plane. When open and flowing well, feelings of security, groundedness, belonging, mental clarity & well-being are felt. For a spiritually advanced person, kundalini energy flows up from the root past the crown chakra, there is a feeling of egolessness, expansion, bliss, liberation as the soul becomes enlightened.

Connected to the health of feet, legs, bones, large intestine, adrenal glands and the sympathetic nervous system


The Svadhisthana Chakra is a water element, ideally a bright orange energy between the tailbone and belly button/ navel. It represents creativeness, sexual arousal, mood, behavior 

thoughts, and feelings arising out of the root emotions of fear and joy. The subconscious memories of all physical representations the soul has experienced are stored in the subtle causal plane and accessed through the subtle emotional body, via the svadhisthana chakra.


Connected to the emotional body of the aura, this chakra can spin sluggishly and constrict itself if a person continues to become over-emotional and hyper-sensitive in relationships and bitter memories. It is also affected if a person does not feel love, acceptance, respect and worthiness of self, further influencing the other chakras and, subsequently all areas of life. Victim mentality, lack of creativity, low libido and excessive codependency will also constrict svadhisthana energy. This chakra is where most of the hypnosis work is done.

It Influences the limbic system, lower abdomen and back, kidneys, bladder, hips, circulatory system, reproductive/ sexual organs. Physical manifestation of an unhealthy sacral chakra can be sexual, urinary disorders lower back pain and sluggish lymphatic system. Fear of being hurt, creates emotional blocks making a person to appear aloof, cold, detached and distant.

Sacral Chakra
Sacral Chakra

The Manipura chakra is a fire element, ideally a bright yellow energy located just above the navel. It is the centre of passion, desire, action, willpower, focus, ambition and success and, joy related feelings.

It Influences the digestive system, liver and pancreas. Constant self-doubt, fear, anger towards self and others and feelings of incapabilities, affect the efficiency of these organs.

Emotional feelings associated with the solar plexus are beliefs of self, in possibilities and courage. Emotional disharmonic feelings, including criticism of self or others, being ignored and rejection, can dampen personal energy of power and success, possibly resulting in frustration, anger, lack, fear, self-conflict and a defeatist attitude.

Plexus Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Manipur/ Solar Plexus

The Anahata chakra is an air element, ideally a bright green energy in the centre of the chest, and considered to be the seat of the soul. Being the centre of the seven chakras, it brings together the physical experiences of the 3D world, (actions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, attachments, outcomes) with the remembrance of the divinity of absolute love within us and our eternal connection to Source. We are souls in a physical body here for higher learning through illusionary relationships and experiences we have set up for ourselves.

Heart Chakra

Forgiveness and unconditional love for Source, of self and others, trust, faith and helping without being attached to an outcome increases the power of this chakra. It brings harmony, wellness and releases stress internally activating the parasympathetic response of rest and digest. Unity with Source and inner guidance become stronger as does the magnetic field of the heart that will attract more love to you. At times when a sympathetic response is needed, the effects of stress hormones will dissipate much faster in this oneness state, as they were meant to do.

Heart Chakra

Disharmonic emotion of fear and all its related feelings, such as rage, envy, greed, lust, hate etc. 'builds walls around heart', meaning the heart chakra gets smaller constricting the incoming flow of divine energy and outgoing flow of love. Feeling a loss of love can cause broken heart syndrome called stress cardiomyopathy, where the heart becomes misshapen. This chakra also affects the lungs and the immune system. Making the heart the director of your life, means being in touch with your soul and awareness of the guidance of your higher-self, and communion with Source energy. Balancing inner and outer love.

Manipur/Solar Plexus
Throat Chakra
Heart Chakra

Vishuddhi is the first of the higher chakras and represents speaking your truth and being authentic. A higher version of this is responsive communication rather than a reactive one. If you feel hurt or have painful memories, do not inflict the same on someone else with your words or actions as that will keep you locked in cyclic karma, until you or the other person breaks the pattern. At times it is not possible to talk things through, in which case a more effective approach is to introspect and find what within you in causing your pain, then forgive and love. As a hypnotist, I use a variety of methods to give voice to stuck emotions and feelings in the subconscious.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is made of the finer ether element of higher frequency. This ideally blue azure energy is located in the dip just above the collarbone on the lowest part of the throat. The vishuddhi chakra is connected to throat, larynx, thyroid gland and the vagus nerve.

Letting go of pent up feelings through the voice, by laughing, singing, humming, chanting, gargling and enthusiastic speech, releases the 'happy' hormones and energizes the throat chakra and the vagus nerve. It is the largest nerve in the body communicating conversely between the brain and the body. An increased vagal tone is an indication of well-being.

Ajna/ Third
Eye Chakra
Third Eye Chakra

Someone who has a restrictive energy flow in this chakra may lack imagination or vision, and a hard time understanding the metaphysical world. For them seeing is believing, having limited or no desire to question authority or look at spiritual ways of improvement of self. Their concentration is limited and so can easily be distracted.

The Ajna chakra is connected to a light sensory organ in the brain called the pineal gland. Its function is to decrease and increase melatonin, a hormone that helps to relax the mind by slowing brain waves from beta, alpha, theta through to deep dreamless sleep of delta, and reverses the sequence in the morning


Interestingly, the pineal gland has a lens and a cornea just like an actual eye, only it is inside the brain. Scientists have recently discovered a light blue oval bioluminescence around it, that is an electromagnetic field emitted by the calcite crystals inside the gland. The third eye, referred in ancient texts and depicted in the middle of the forehead, is a representation of this gland in the brain. The great meditator Shiva, one of the trinity of Hindu Gods, is depicted as having a blue third eye vertically in his forehead. 


This chakra is of the light element. The colour of this energy ranges from deep indigo, purple to lilac and is located just above the middle point of the eyebrows. In sanskrit the word 'Ajna' means to perceive, command or beyond wisdom. Focus upon this chakra means aligning to a higher consciousness of self and Source.

During a hypnosis session, relaxed awareness in the theta state connects you to the energy of your higher self through the spiritual ajna chakra. That opens a door to subconscious memories,  future possibilities, journeys into other lives and the akashic records (memories in ether) that are relevant to healing.

Sahasrara / Crown Chakra

The Sahasrara chakra is the entrance point of the pure light element of Source. The chakra itself emits a pale violet light through its thousand petaled lotus, positioned atop of the head where the hair crown is. Through this our soul/spirit is energized with pure Source light, flowing downwards into the other chakras, nadis and equivalently affecting the auric field.

Physical body parts connected to this chakra are the cerebral cortex, central nervous system and the pituitary gland.

Crown Chakra

A restricted flow of energy to this chakra will affect the others too. It is extremely helpful to our well being to have a desire to strengthen our spiritual self by practising meditation, yoga and cleansing disruptive thoughts and feelings.  This is what happens during my hypnosis sessions, as people let go of stressful situations and connect to their higher-self through their crown chakra.

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