'ALL IS WITHIN'  - Is a phrase you may have heard time and time again, but what does it mean? Gurus and other wise teachers explain the solutions to all our problems are already within us, accessed when we quieten our mind and begin to introspect. Closing our physical eyes allows inward concentration in examining our thoughts and feelings. The energy used in processing the external environment, can then be used for inner spiritual work. 

How we react to outside events mirrors our internal state. Removing limiting beliefs and emotional patterns whether in this current or past/other life, helps everyone to feel lighter, clearer and become healthier, attracting a more harmonious environment with ease.

Method developed by Aurelio Mejia Mesa


The Third Eye

The spiritual third eye is part of the subtle energy body and, is depicted in the middle of the eyebrows slightly raised on the forehead. Represented by the subtle ajna chakra in the brain which is associated with the pineal gland.

Majority of people in hypnosis have their eyes closed while in trance, allowing a progressive transition from beta brainwave state into alpha then theta, as external sensory information decreases. There are some exceptions who have a 'fixed stare' yet still are in deep trance state.

When relaxed in profound theta the hypnosis will sound and feel like a guided meditation, linking you to the spiritual aspects of self, to divine guidance, learning and healing. All timelines and possibilities pertaining to issue/s, can be accessed through the subtle ajna chakra from the subconscious by the divine guidance of the person's higher-self. 

The Ajna chakra retrieves the relevant soul memories from the akashic records (memories in ether) found in the causal plane, from the time of separation from Source.


The job of an Introspective Hypnotist is to effectively guide people into trance so they can connect to their thoughts and emotional feelings associated with memories of the issues or problems, such as an illness, phobias, stress, unhealthy habits, limitations, sleeplessness or difficult relationships. Under a hypnotic trance, pertinent subconscious memories emerge without the distraction of the conscious mind, and the hypnotist like a detective, gently guides the altered consciousness of the person into finding the root of the problem, when and where it first began. When the person becomes aware of that instance and a new understanding is learnt, the healing occurs naturally dissolving any blockages and restrictions in the body's energy flow. Releasing the vibration of emotional feelings from the affected cells enhances the natural ability of the body to heal itself.

Introspective Hypnosis is a combination of forgiveness therapy, role change, Ericksonian hypnosis, past life regression and spirit release techniques. As a certified Introspective hypnotist I am qualified to to work with all types of personalities, even those that are more left brain thinkers - scientific, factual and analyzing, for if you can fall asleep you can be hypnotized. 

Me a Gnome?

It is not necessary to believe in past/other lives for regression hypnosis to work, as long  as you have an open mind and willingness to heal. If the subconscious brings up a scene, the visuals are less important than the message, emotions and understanding of it. During my hypnosis session with Alba Weinman in Miami, I saw myself as a gnome, fearful of predator birds, lonely, burdened with responsibility, then changed circumstances forced me to lead other gnomes on a successful journey to safety, giving me confidence, happiness and peace in that dimension. 

Gnome holding a toadstool

Now, whether that was a previous existence of my soul or my subconscious showing me through a metaphor how I was feeling and the possibility of what can happen if I step ahead with self-confidence, does not matter. I learnt nurturing my helpful, caring and leadership qualities, allow me the confidence to move ahead.


Photo coming!


The Imagination - Believe!

Some people may doubt or not believe what their divine wisdom shows them in trance, thinking it as too far-fetched, just a recall of a scene in a television show or film or their imagination making it all up. Self-doubt is the biggest drawback in a hypnosis session and wakes up the critical factor of the conscious mind. Relax and let your creative mind reveal what you need to know. It will reveal energetic expressions of your embodied soul.

Imagination is not something made up from thin air as commonly thought, rather look at the word 'imagination' and you will notice the first half of the word is 'image'. My personal interpretation of the full word is 'experiences remembered as images' including all sensory information put together as scenes. So if you can imagine anything, it means you have already 'seen' it existing in another reality and you are remembering the memory of that experience.

Furthermore, since everything is happening now including past and future in parallel dimensions, you are already have all you want of anything you can imagine in all forms and possibilities. For example, If you can imagine owing the best Tesla car in a red colour, means you already drive one in another dimension, additionally, other possible variations of this thought also exist in other realities. Fortunately, for our sanity we only aware of the many choices we make in our current life.

You can have whatever you imagine by aligning your beliefs, thoughts and emotions to pull the energy of the existing timeline of desire into your reality. That is the law of attraction,

Meditative Trance Abilities

Relaxing into theta brainwave state during hypnosis is like meditating. While the critical factor of the conscious mind rests, the creative right hemisphere of the brain is further energized, uncovering abilities of intuition (sixth sense), connection to the spiritual realm of your higher-self, spiritual beings and spirit guides. Extra sensory perception of the five clairs: clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (empathetic), clairalience means (smelling), clairgustance (tasting) and claircognizance (knowing), allows a wider experience of the imagined (remembered images/scenes) other lives. Moreover, access to the spirit world means opening our telepathic ability to channel anyone living or deceased needed for your healing, as we are always connected; emerging from the same unifying and creative force called Source. 

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