The Auric Field

The human body is powered by its own electricity. Billions of atoms that make up the body are electrically charged, all the brain functions (thoughts, ideas, emotions, memory, commands) are electrical signals, there is piezoelectric crystal activity within the bones, teeth, pineal gland and inner ear, the chakras are major power generators open to celestial and Earth energies flowing in charging the body. These create a bioelectromagnetic field of varying frequencies that are the colours called the aura, and it is not just humans but all living things have an aura too, as numerous atoms produce their own emfs. Bioelectrical energy emits light although it cannot be seen unless you have an evolved third eye either by training or are naturally born with inner vision. There are many intuitive medical healers with this talent who can 'read' auras.

Furthermore, scientists have discovered minute light particles smaller than an atom called biophotons in the physical body Biophoton emissions cause a glow around the body, and can be photographed by very sensitive cameras. In fact, even our internal organs emit a glow.

Auric Layers

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Position & Density

Colours are frequencies. The diagram above shows the typical colour structure of an auric field, however, they are dependent on a person's unique blueprint and the condition of the physical mind.

This diagram shows the expansiveness of each field of frequency (layer), and how they overlap on top of each other filtering Information conversely. Each layer is a oval encompassing the body from all sides, with the causal being the largest on which the rest of the layers sit in.





Blueprint of the body, gives energy to balance the physical body & bridges the physical and subtle bodies



Holds the emotions of past, present and possible future feelings. 



Solar Plexus

Thought forms, ideas, beliefs, ego, power & success. 



Midpoint between the physical and doorway to higher astral planes, just as the heart chakra has three lower and three higher chakras. Affected by emotional & mental body.






A purer energetic template on which the first denser layer is made from to form the physical body. It replenishes the etheric layer for healing on the physical plane. Associated with sound and speaking your truth.

Etheric Template 


Heart & 3rd Eye


Reached through deep meditation or hypnosis. Wisdom, enlightenment, oneness, unconditional love for all, ecstatical love for God/Source divinely loving, all knowledge accessible.

Heart & 3rd Eye


Emanates furthest from the physical body and picks up on external energy from the cosmos and other people. It contains all the other subtle bodies. Lightest & purest form of our aura. Holds information of other lifetimes, accessing the Higher Self and Akashic Records.


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